Clients, Contacts & Suppliers

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Manage your clients, contacts and suppliers in one central location easily. You can set discounts for individual clients, and view every statistic from when you first invoiced them to how long they usually take to pay.

You can produce statements for clients, contacts and suppliers. They can be produced on-screen or exported and emailed as required. Statements can be configured in numerous ways. For example, showing only unpaid invoices or invoices between two dates.

You can view a range of statistics for your customers to help you identify when they were first invoiced, how long they take to pay, amount overdue, etc.

Purchase/Sales History
You can view on screen or export a complete history of what you’ve sold/purchased to/from a client/supplier.

Payment Terms
As well as a system-wide setting for you payment terms, you can set this on a per client/supplier basis. If you give a client 21 days to pay you will know instantly when payments are due, overdue, paid or outstanding and unpaid.

You can set a discount for a specific client.

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