Business Events

business events

Business Toolbox Events for all your business event needs.

Business Toolbox Events - Advantages
The bullet points below show some of the advantages of the Events system.
• Keep up to date with all your business events and activities in one place
• View all your business activities easily on screen at any time
• Admin staff can add an event on your behalf when you are offsite
• Know who is on-site or off-site instantly
• Check when you last visited a client easily
• Review your upcoming appointments easily
• View your business appointments daily, weekly, monthly or over a 31 day snapshot starting on any day
• Check all employee holidays easily - days taken and days left to take
• Instantly get a total count of your business activities split into the desired categories
• Easily drill into each category to see the business event detail behind the count
• Managers can keep track of all their staff events easily on screen
• Managers can review all their staff events and activity at any time
• Easily add employee holidays
• Easily add or update employee business events

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