Help Desk

help desk

Some of the benefits of helpdesk software are:
• improved customer service
• faster response times
• lower information technology costs

Let's look in a little more detail.
When a support professional is contacted, what steps are taken?
Does it depend on who answers the phone?
Do they immediately drop any task?
Do they jot your information down on a note pad?
Do they attempt to resolve the issue on the phone at great length?
What criteria merits the call to be moved to another member of staff?

All these questions can be answered within the Helpdesk solution. Helpdesk solutions allow your staff to handle help desk calls in a structured manner that can be measured. When a helpdesk call is received, it should be entered into the help desk, even if it is easily answered. At this point there is now a record of the call, allowing other staff to view the content of the problem, makeing it a simple task for other staff members to offer solutions. This also prevents the call from being lost if staff are busy when the call is received.

Callers will have more confidence that when they place a call to the help desk, their call will be handled in a structured method ensuring their satisfaction. They will not feel the need to keep calling or worry that their call will not be answered in a reasonable amount of time.

Our help desk software solutions offer a self-help method, allowing members to submit a helpdesk request directly into the help desk system. This feature greatly streamlines the process, and can increase response times for all users. Help desk support staff are not interrupted by the call and do not have to stop working on other issues to record the call information.

When a request is entered into the system, it allows any available support personnel to respond to the request. It also allows support personnel to transfer calls. If a call is about an issue that a staff member has greater expertise with, that staff member will probably be able to solve the issue faster.

Once each call is resolved, the solution is available for future reference. This is one of the benefits of using a help desk system. New support staff are able to answer many questions by simply searching the database for other calls. This also prevents 2 support staff from trying to resolve the same issue, leading to faster response times for the end user.

All this contributes to the overall quality of service in your organization, happier staff and faster response times leads to lower costs and higher productivity.

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