Time, Billing & Project Management

time, billing & projects

Our TBP solution is an intelligent time tracking, project management, billing and accounting solution designed to help you increase performance through efficiency, streamlined processes and integration.

Our TBP solution incorporates critical business functions which include time and expense tracking, project management, billing and accounting. It is designed to accommodate the complex billing and management needs of today's businesses. Its real-time outputs and analysis empowers you with the tools to move your business forward.

Record time and expenses, generate reports, and create and review profiles of your activities, expenses, employees, clients and projects instantly as and when the information is required.

Key Benefits:
•Scalable for small and large businesses
•Quickly and easily understand how your company or project is performing
•Speed up and increase the accuracy of the time keeping process
•Understand which projects perform best for your company
•Save time by automating the repetitive tasks
•Decrease the amount of time it takes to complete your billing

Time & Expense Highlights:
•Individual Time Cards
•View multiple timers concurrently
•Easily Record expenses
•Time sheets automatically populate projects based on activities
•Track Overtime, Compensation Time, Sick, Vacation and Holidays

Project Management Highlights:
•Project Center: Instantly see which projects are running at a loss, have burned through the budget, or have overspent their contract
•Employee Workload Forecaster: See employee assignments instantly and learn which team members are overextended or under-utilized. Keep an eye on not only your forecasted work, but also who is available to work on your next project
•Assign activities, expenses and employees to specific projects
•Budgeting - track over-budget projects vs. actual costs
•Manage resources - staff allocation, scheduling and utilization

Billing and Accounts Receivable Highlights:
•Collection Center: All the information you need—payment history, key historical data and account notes—to enhance your collection efforts and to make informed decisions instantly
•Client and project statements
•Billing linked to time and expense data
•Email and print invoices with a click
•Accrual and cash-basis balance sheets and profit & loss

Reporting Highlights:
•Generate reports using report templates
•Report Center: Easily select any report, apply filters, instantly preview, and view related reports
•Employee and Vendor Snapshot: View breakdowns of utilization, realization and billable work for employees
•Email reports/invoices in excel or PDF format
•Print detailed Profit and Loss report

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